& Procedures

Admission Policy

Enrollment Procedures

  • Obtain a brochure about our facility and fee schedule
  • Tour the facility and meet your child’s teacher if possible
  • Pay a non-refundable enrollment fee
  • Obtain an enrollment packet
  • Consult your physician to ensure your child’s health assessment is current
  • Complete all forms
  • The Appointment of Agent Form (Authorization for Emergency Medical Care) must be witnessed by someone other than family or staff
  • Schedule an enrollment appointment with school office

Admission Checklist

  1. Complete initial enquiry form.
  2. Purchase Registration Package.
  3. Complete and return application forms and supporting documentation to the Administration Office.
  4. Schedule a placement test date for your child (you will be contacted by Administration Office within two weeks.
  5. Student Interview with Admissions.
  6. Parent /Guardian interview with Head of School
  7. Parent/Guardian informed about admission decision by letter – invoice with all related fees and enrollment contract also included
  8. Return enrollment contract and pay admission, tuition and related fees by deadline.

For your enrolment appointment bring with you your

  • Completed enrollment forms
  • Signed health assessment
  • Your child’s immunization record
  • Read, sign and date your contract for child care

Re-enrollment Procedures

  • All accounts must have a ZERO BALANCE before re-enrolling.
  • Complete Registration packet.
  • Pay a non-refundable enrollment fee.
  • Meet with the Director prior to re-enrollment to read, sign and date your contract for child care
Child GroupingsAgesCapacityAdult/Child Ratio
Infant / Baby3 months – 12 months61:3
Toddler 12 – 24 months121:6
Nursery 124 – 36 months121:12
Nursery 23 years – 4 years121:12
Kindergarten 4 years plus151:15
Class 1 – Primary 45 years  plus – 8 years plus601:15