About us


We are a Private Preschool and Day Care Centre which admit children between the ages of Three (3) Months to Twelve (12) Years.  At Golden Foundation School, your child will be exposed to a high quality of care and education based on a blend Montessori and UK early childhood curriculum.

Our educational philosophy of nurturing young brains and enhancing talents is driven by firm Christian values which embodies Morality, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence, Leadership and Quality Service Delivery.

Partnership with Parents

The success of learners in school depends largely on the support they receive at home. It is therefore crucial for clear channels of communication to exist between parents and class teachers as well as the school at large.

In addition parents will be invited to Parent-Teacher Conferences at the beginning and end of every academic term to discuss expectations and evaluate the performances with class teachers and also to review the work of their children. Aside these formal arrangements, parents should always feel welcome to book an appointment with class teachers whenever they wish to discuss issues about their children.